Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Haiti - Day 1 - Tough Day

January 12, 2016

Below, Paula & Ed demonstrate our first “work” day in Haiti.

Today, we plot. Our work plan, that is. It’s a quiet day for our  team. We assembled the suitcases we will take to the residents of the sites we work over the next few days. Wash cloths, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste – it’s all there.

Later, we get to go to the local hardware store! “Just down road”, we’re told. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We learned our last trip that while “just down the road” may be a mere 10 miles, it will, without doubt, take us 45+ minutes to get there. It’s all  good, though. We get the privilege of venturing into true Haitian culture – tap-taps teeming with passengers, motos zig-zagging through traffic, vendors selling goods.

Oh . . . did I mention it’s a balmy 88 degrees? And a light breeze is blowing through the palm trees? Yeah, not a bad first day of work at all.

Later, friends!

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